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Shadow Theatre, Vol. 3

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First book series in the world about professional shadow theatre

"Shadow Theatre - Theory + Practice", Vol. 3
In this book Rainer Reusch has put into print the comprehensive knowledge and experience which he has gathered over many years. This book will be useful to both beginners and those with more experience in the field of shadow theatre.

The theoretical part of the book analyses the reasons for the growing popularity of shadow theatre, examines the nature of the shadow and at the same time offers insight into the secrets of contemporary shadow theatre all over the world.

The practical part of the book explains the construction of three different types of shadow theatres, including puppets, scenery, props and lighting, where the overhead projector is given special attention.
The three forms of shadow theatre are also dealt with – puppet theatre, full body theatre and hand-shadow theatre.
The reader is offered fully comprehensive and valuable tips on:
     • the kind of stories which can best be presented
     • the use of sound and music
     • reciting of texts
     • performing with shadow figures

The book:
     • is in both English and German (translation: Collin McDougall)
     • comprises 165 pages
     • has 130 monochrome and 12 coloured photographs
     • is hardback
     • is 21.5 x 30 cm in size
     • has the ISBN 978-3-95747-024-9

The author:
Rainer Reusch (International Shadow Theatre Center Schwaebisch Gmuend)

Euro 30,- (plus postage)

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Postfach 1280
D-73502 Schwaebisch Gmuend
fax: +49 7171 9278047